“Author”. It sounds so, I don’t know … pretentious. Like a guy standing around at a party in a herringbone blazer with leather patches on its sleeves, pulling a pipe out of his mouth just long enough to emit pseudo-pithy twitter-length observations. Nah, that’s not me. “Storyteller” sounds a little better, but I’ll need to nurture this spark of creativity and write more books before I’ll include myself in that fine company.

I do have a demonstrated talent for programming however1, am a wizard at programming web applications and have been in the computer industry for, well … let’s just say lots of years. I was born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin2 but left the cold and snow behind as fast as possible and currently reside in Tallahassee Florida. Along the way I picked up a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from Georgia State University.

Back to the subject of storytelling. The first response I received from a reader of Us: An Intimacy Innovation, among other kind words, was “I laughed, cried and cheered!” That made me stop and think. I realized that storytelling is more than just narrative. A journalist’s job is to relate the facts – neutral and unbiased – to their reader. The goal of a storyteller, on the other hand, is to evoke emotions in the reader. Accomplishing this means that they have been successful in drawing the reader into the story.

Take, for example, Stephen King the master of horror fiction. I had barely begun his novel It when the story hit too close to home and I had to put it down. Never picked it up again. One of only two novels I never finished reading. That level of storytelling skill is what I aspire to.

Both3 of my books are novels – 100% works of fiction – though they are entirely different from each other. Us: An Intimacy Innovation came from the heart whereas The Superior Arsenal came from the head. I hope you enjoy reading them.




1 He claims, somewhat immodestly. ☺
2 If you’ve read Us: An Intimacy Innovation or The Superior Arsenal you may have picked up on that. ☺
3 Rumor has it that there is a third one in the works. It too, is different than the others. More on that as the writing progresses.