Us: An Intimacy Innovation

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 College-age Romance

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251 pages | 80,700 words

Release Date: 05/04/2017

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Book Trailer video


Kiel’s unconventional ideas on how to achieve a perfect romance are put to the test when he is introduced to Alexsia.

Shy, deep-thinking Kiel has just one goal for his romantic relationship: Sustained Togetherness. To that end he has formulated the Theory of ‘Us’, which encompasses his ponderings on how to insulate romantic relationships from the struggles, issues, and drama often experienced as two individuals become a couple.

Popular, pretty, and underachieving Alexsia, tired of attracting all the wrong guys for all the wrong reasons, is drawn to Kiel. After learning from him that he can only be interested in a girl that knows who she is and what she wants out of life, Alexsia undertakes to find herself.

Guided by Kiel, Alexsia struggles to let go of accustomed dating practices and embrace the Theory of ‘Us’ that is gradually revealed to her. Even as their mutual attraction grows, an impetuous blunder threatens Kiel’s hope of a reciprocated All-In commitment to their ‘Us’.

US: An Intimacy Innovation is practical fiction, offering a reasoned, but nontraditional, approach to realizing true love. Along with the ‘how to’, the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of its principles are encased in and illustrated through the entertaining story of Kiel and Alexsia.

Containing descriptive love scenes, this book is intended for readers 18+

Reader comments:

“… very thought provoking.”
“I laughed, cried and cheered!”
“Well done!!”





The Superior Arsenal




Awaiting publication

“Armed with only ones and zeros, computer wizard Terrance Tucker goes after revenge for the murder of his wife by the corporation that hired him – but he makes one mistake.”

Following the death of his wife in an automobile crash, incorrigibly non-conformist and impudent Terrance is free to yield to the recruitment pressure from a company located in a small town on the other side of the country.

After initially disregarding whispered rumors from co-workers and distrustful townspeople that the company is more than it appears to be, he surreptitiously pokes around in the corporate computer and discovers that his wife Maya’s death during his recruitment was not an accident.

Realizing that it’s up to him to avenge her, and ignoring that little voice in his head, Terrance turns his programming expertise against the firm. Captured in the act by the company’s security force and up against his wife’s murderer face to face, bruised and bloody Terrance must pit his brain against the firm’s guns and muscle to bring about justice for Maya while struggling to survive the efforts coercing him to shut down his digital attack.

THE SUPERIOR ARSENAL fits in the thriller genre but it isn’t dark – it actually has strains of humor, not comedic but rather in a smart-alecky way.